Melanie’s Herb Diaries

'Keep your nose warm.'

To prevent a cold #1 ‘Keep your Nose Warm’

Check out this video from Ellen Foxman of Yale University on the importance of keeping your nose warm for the prevention of colds.

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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Rosemary: A Winter Gift

I was trying to think of a suitable herb to write about for my last post of the year, when Permaculture Magazine came to the rescue, reminding me that not only is Rosemary one of the hardiest of our garden herbs, but it's also one that you can keep picking and using throughout winter!

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Crocus (Crocus spp.)

Crocuses and Paella

It feels as though today has been the first properly sunny day in London all year, so I went out into Southwark park this afternoon to capture one of my favourite spring flowers, the crocus. Having admired them in a friends' garden yesterday, I dug out my RHS Encyclopedia of Herbs and found myself almost instantly dreaming of one of my favourite Spanish dishes, Paella! What's the connection, you might ask?

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